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La tana del boomer
Vanity Fair Collection
Discover now “La tana del boomer” presented by Vanity Fair!
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NFT of a Banksy work up for auction
NFT Platform Valuart to Auction Banksy’s ‘Spike’ Artwork
NFT Platform Valuart to Auction Banksy’s ‘Spike’ Artwork
Banksy collection
Sold for
65 ETH
0.00 USD
Bidding closed
30 July
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The Valuart Platform
Explore our collections, current and upcoming auctions, and discover our unique NFT Artworks derived from the masterworks of some of the greatest artists of all time. All our NFTs are based on the original artworks owned and/or created by our partners, that we couple with compelling storytelling and artistic crossovers to create a unique experience for you.
Enter our Platform by using your MetaMask wallet to participate in our exclusive auctions and have the chance to own a piece of artistic history. Valuart will drop its unique artworks on a regular basis on our smart-contract enabled marketplace, which will last for a limited time only and the highest bidder will receive ownership of the artwork
This is your opportunity to build your unique and curated (Digital) Art Collection, composed of exclusive non-fungible tokens that are destined to be sought after by collectors for years to come. Enjoy and share your incredible artwork, or benefit from our private selling and auction services to monetize your collection on our Secondary Market.
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Jubilee Mantum of Pope John Paul II
Stefano Zanella collection
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Artists for Art
The Valuart Method
Valuart signs collaboration deals with carefully selected Artists, Collectors, Foundations, and Brands, and receives the exclusive rights to the tokenization of unique masterpieces with extraordinary stories. We aim to forge the most prominent and curated (Digital) Art Intellectual Property portfolio in the market, as well as to create a vibrant community of Art and Crypto enthusiasts.
We are uncompromising on preserving the Artists’ vision from every perspective and we always aim to spread their message during every phase of the tokenization process. Our common journey spreads through the artistic production, to the creation of a compelling storyline and cutting-edge content around the artwork, all the way to the NFT’s auction on our Platform.
For each artwork, after creating a Digital Original NFT (a perfect 1-to-1 clone) and completing the blockchain certification in collaboration with the owners of the asset, we produce enhanced NTF Artworks by facilitating high-end artistic crossovers or collaborative efforts to build a meaningful story for each NFT, ultimately increasing both the artwork and NFT Artworks’ value.
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Closed Auctions
Banksy collection
Sold for
65 ETH
0.00 USD
Bidding closed
6 months ago
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Valuart Guide on (ART) Non-Fungible Tokens.
You've heard everywhere about the new NFT trend, bringing an unstoppable wave of innovation to the Art & Design ecosystem. You found out that artists, brands and celebrities are getting millions of dollars from selling their works and collectibles in NFT format. Now, given their unique properties, everyone is talking about NFTs and they all want to invest in them. Whatever the reason that led you to want to find out more, now is the time to get a full understanding of what NFTs are all about, and fully profit from the new reality they enable!
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